AQIs Fault Management – little helper with great effect

January 2016 – AQIs Fault Management is the ideal access into the world of AQIs. As a stand-alone-solution it is already highly useful even with a small investment. It is an intranet-tool, which only needs the AQIs Infrastructure. 


With AQIs Fault Management you can continuously document faults, that are detected on the unit under test during the manufacturing process. It is an additional possibility to enter faults, which are detected while working on an AQIs Checklist or doing a measurement at a AQIs test stand. 



Open the intranet-tool „AQIs Fault Management“ via the Internet Explorer. Now you are able to enter faults directly into the PC. There is no need for handwritten notes and a later digital recording anymore. Every fault, that will be recorded with AQIs will be saved with a classified error code in the AQIs database.  


Due to the classified error code misinterpretations will be avoided. The structure of the error code can be defined by yourself. It describes the error type and the place where an error occurred.  Thus not only that a targeted repair is possible but also a detailed fault analysis and statistics of the effort.


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