Reporting of processes

The global aim of using the Advanced Quality Inspection system (AQIs) is production optimisation. After data acquisition, essential elements of this are visualisation, statistics and evaluation of the data.


The AQIs Report module is used for this task. AQIs Report creates files with the reports in Excel format following user parameter selection. These files can be further processed as desired (saved, copied, printed, mailed etc.)


We offer the AQIs Report in two licensing variants:


  • To be called up via a Web browser as an Intranet solution on any Intranet PCs. You compile the report templates yourself after training by IGH.


  • As a single-station license. Six report templates are part of the scope of supply.



As a service to you, we can compile report templates for the AQIs report according to your specifications. Here you can determine for yourself the layout and the content of the templates.


Interested? We would be happy to submit a quotation to you.


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