AQIs - How do we start?

If we advise you on production optimisation or plan and implement an AQIs project at your company, the entire process normally takes place in the following six project phases:

Finding the right solution – Where it all starts:

One of our experts will inspect your production with you (ideally works or production manager). As we have studied many comparable production establishments, tried out numerous technical possibilities and observed your system from the outside, we often identify optimisation potential at places you may consider not possible. You feel there is a need, but have no idea that there is a solution. In the joint discussion, we give you new ideas and work out with you suitable and practical solutions. It is often new concepts that provide innovative solutions during this creative study.

Planning – Down to the last detail:

You prepare a specification in which you define all requirements, tasks, interfaces, circumstances, criteria and on-site conditions that are necessary for project implementation. We can provide you with a check list if required. If you wish, we will also do the work with you, e.g. within the context of a workshop, and will document these results in a target specification. This provides a precisely defined project plan.


You can find more information about our workshops here »».

Realisation – The team comes into play

Our specialists form together with specialists from your departments a team, which realises the project. These include departments such as Production Management, Production Planning, QA and works EDP, as well as individual experts such as product developers, programmers, safety officers or documentation specialists. Even at this stage you will feel more secure, because you have the support of qualified specialists to find solutions to problems which your employees had lying on their desks (perhaps for a long time).

Commissioning – The big day:

The realisation team observes how your first test objects pass through the new test stand. You have the opportunity to conceal a fault in one of the units under test in order to try out the test stand and the troubleshooting in our presence.

Training – Good to know:

We train your employees (system administrators, inspectors, data evaluators, etc.) in parameterisation and the operation of AQIs.


You can find more information about our training here »».

All-round carefree package – Just in case:

To enable us to provide you with exactly the right type of support you need, we can offer you, at various service levels, a Hotline, remote maintenance via VPN and specified standby times. You can find more information about our support here »».


Our software updates keep your AQIs up to date at all times. For more information, go here »».

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