Whom does AQIs benefit?

As a production optimisation tool, AQIs contributes towards effective process design. AQIs helps to save time, resources and material for a very wide range of tasks and sub-processes, which in turn leads to a reduction in your costs and thereby safeguards your competitive advantages.


How does AQIs benefit the individual divisions?


The production manager says ...

With AQIs, the production manager is comprehensively informed.

With AQIs I always know what's going on in my production. When there are problems, I find out straight away and can take suitable measures. Because the testing and commissioning of our products run largely automatically, I do not have to depend on individual persons. And these processes are reproducible, documented and therefore traceable. Previously, the testers had to collect up the documents themselves for every job. That was very time-consuming. There were often questions, or the work was done with already out-of-date versions. Tasks relating to variants were forgotten about. Since we have had AQIs, all that's in the past!


Now, changes to the test scope are available to our testers immediately with no paper, and nothing can be forgotten about or misinterpreted any more. Thanks to AQIs, shift changes are also much quicker, smoother and no information is lost. And last but not least - AQIs provides us with evaluations with which we can see where most errors occur in our production, and how much it will cost to remedy them. Now we can work out targeted fault prevention strategies for these hot spots, and thereby improve all the time.

The job planner confirms …

With AQIs, the production process is reorganised, the turnaround times are shortened and enormous savings are achieved.

Since we introduced AQIs, we have reorganised the production process, shortened the turnaround times and achieved enormous savings. For example, thanks to simulation of the rest of the system, we are now able to test 100% of subassemblies before they are installed. This enables faults to be detected immediately on the spot and repaired at minimum cost. Rework times have been reduced dramatically as a result. Quite apart from that, the tests run far faster of course. And we used to require a second person for many testing and commissioning processes. AQIs does that now.

The quality manager assures …

With AQIs, you have quality under control.

Thanks to AQIs, we have quality under control! A consistent and fully documented process. Every product is 100% tested - with all its customer-specific features. No fault can be overlooked or forgotten, because in that case AQIs would not release the product. Due to the fact that all data is acquired digitally straight away and not later, there is no loss of information, no transfer error, and of course it saves time. We can also evaluate this data, unlike the scanned-in PDF files previously. This is possible thanks to the error code that classifies all errors systematically.


Collecting all test results, serial numbers etc. in the product folder for the customer – formerly a tiresome job – is done with one mouse click now! Of course, that's only because AQIs also takes the quality data from other test stands and from suppliers. And if research is needed at some point as to where a particular component has been installed – no problem with AQIs!

The company director praises …

Great savings and benefits thanks to AQIs compared with the investments made.

I never would have thought that we could achieve such savings and benefits with AQIs - particularly in comparison with the investments made. We were never as productive as we are today - thanks to AQIs! For this the IGH team provided us with optimum support - before the investment by working out the potentials, and then through coordinated realisation and very close support. Since the systems can be parameterised so flexibly, AQIs can continue to be used for many years and over many product generations - that's what I call a secure investment!


Also, the information from the shop floor to our ERP system is now completely networked via the AQIs platform. Here too I see great future potential for the sustained optimisation of our processes.

The service technician concludes …

Faster diagnosis, repairs and subassembly replacement, thanks to the digital product file in Rework Control.

AQIs makes our work in Service easier! With the aid of the digital product file, we know immediately how a product has been made, what components it contains and how it has been parameterised. This means that not only are our diagnosis, repairs and subassembly replacement quicker, it doesn't take much to provide evidence of the care taken in our production and therefore defend ourselves against liability and warranty claims.

The product developer emphasises …

Feedback to Development from Production is possible thanks to AQIs.

Feedback from Production based on figures, data and facts -  by which I mean digital data acquisition in AQIs, in other words measured values, errors, testing work, commissioning work, rework effort, parameterisation, teach results etc. and their statistical evaluation - help us to constantly improve the design of our products and in the final analysis also reduce production costs.

The operator says …

AQIs has made testing processes much more convenient.

AQIs has made testing much more convenient for me. I don't have to collect all the job papers any more and I can't forget anything about any options for this job. Testing is also much quicker with AQIs. And I can do that alone today, whereas before I often needed a colleague to help me. Initially I was concerned about the software being too complicated, but after training from IGH I quickly got the hang of it. I really enjoy working with AQIs.

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